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Social and Environmental Commitment

The contribution to build a fairer world and the respect for the the Environment are our commitments!

Our plant is headquartered next to Jacaré’s district community (RJ) and we perform several social actions together with its residents, such as:
  • The company’s Volunteer Incentive Program to perform several social actions, such as Warm Clothing Campaign, Toys and Book Donations and etc.;
  • Support for events performed by Jacaré Resident’s Association;
  • Materials donation to the community that won’t be useful anymore to the company.

Our main social action is the Eu Sou Project.

Developed since 2006, this project is already serving more than 100 children aged 8-14 years at Jacaré’s Community. Its goal is to help children to understand themselves and see a different and better world than the one where they live through art.

Young Apprentice Program

The main goal of this program is to offer apprenticeship training to a young person to help him/her in his/her professional orientation and development as an individual.



Selo Certificado We believe that the conformity with legal determinations and the respect and preservation of the Environment are indispensable factors to guarantee the future of our next generations.

The Environmental Management System (SGA – Sistema de Gestão Ambiental) together with the Quality Management System (SGQ – Sistema de Gestão de Qualidade) develop and implement the Quality and Environmental Plan, seeking to personalize processes, decrease waste and manage environmental impacts concerning our activities.

Our Environmental Actions

Recycled Paper Usage
We have implemented the use of recycled paper in several unities contributing to the reuse of our natural resources.

Disposal of Batteries and Cells and Selective Collection
We encourage our collaborators to bring batteries and cells for disposal from their homes when the battery or cell life is over. Thus, FQM contributes to decrease waste impact on soil and water. Besides, we perform selective collection in our plants, which is a permanent work in order to make our collaborators aware of this problem. The recyclable wastes are segregated in the indicated collectors for every type of waste and then they are oriented to processing. This work contributes significantly to decrease natural resources reuse.

Implementation of the Waste Management Plan
FQM produces a great amount of waste due to its activity and this waste needs severe control from its production to its final target. The recyclable and non-recyclable waste management is our pollution prevention method.

Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant
Complying with the legal requirements, both industrial wastewater (produced when cleaning equipments from production and large rooms) and sewers are treated in our Treatment Plant before being sent to the public sewerage system.

Resource sources
Being proactive when carefully consuming natural resources, FQM has the commitment of reducing electric energy, natural gas and water in its activities by establishing reduction goals.

Internal Week of the Natural Environment
According to the Integrated Management Policy, FQM dedicates one week to deal with issues related to the environment. Lectures, videos and trainings are given in order to recycle our collaborators understanding about the necessity to preserve the environment and rational use of natural resources.
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